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When the wrong person talks to you on the wrongday
You know you've had that moment. 

So this was just another practice pic for me to get used to GIMP. Still working the waters but MSP Toons helped me out with getting the hang of layers ;D. So better backgrounds "should" be in the next piece. 
I STILL NEED TO FREAKIN' DO THESE OUTSIDE GIMP before putting them on the computer. These layers though. -.- 

anyways. Here's'a'me.
Bad Time Sans - Colored!

So yeah, this is like the first thing i've colored since i was 7 years old. Hope i didn't completely butcher Sans with this lol. It's my first pic on my new graphics tablet, the entirety was made from scratch with no paper lineart orginally (this might change with new pics) and i'm still learning how layers work (this was all done on one, and i found it a lot more tedious than what it probably should have been xD ) 

Hope you all like it. Getting advice from peeps that actually know how to work with this, and hopefully i'll get better with color and this tablet in general :P See ya soon hopefully
Commissions are open! Due to college, It's been very difficult to stay motivated towards my art - my grades will always take priority but in order to keep myself determined to be a better artist, I'd like to work in at least a small way for my followers and beyond to help pay for tuition, living expenses, etc., 

I wish to do this affordably on both parts though! So prices will be as reasonable as I can make them ^_^

Sketches! - $5
Inked Lineart! - $10
Inked Lineart Meme/Comic Page! - $15
Fully Inked Greyscale Picture/Short Comic! - $20

Before getting ahead of ourselves though, I'd like to make a few restrictions clear:

1. There are various views over games, and preferences,that I value yet are very specific, so it will not likely come into play when sorting out a commission, but it's still important to me about explaining a scene you would enjoy.
(An example would be: I do not enjoy Soriel artwork, so i will most likely not draw art involving sans and toriel together in a romantic way.)

2. I am willing to draw NSFW content, HOWEVER it will not be presented upon my deviantart or other social media. I hold no judgements over the sexual orientation of content, however there are things I still will not draw. Inquire if any questions arise.

3. Upon receiving your commission, you hold rights to the piece, however I still require you to credit me appropriately if you post it here on deviantart or another website. Gotta get my name out there, right? ;D

4. Drawing more than one character will generally increase the fee by $5. May be more or less depending on the scene or sketch requested. :D

5. If there are any questions at all, please let me know. I have been craving to draw something related to Undertale, World of Warcraft/Hearthstone, League of Legends. If any of these suite your tastes, I'd probably be more than inclined to draw for ya. :)

6. Due to College taking up the majority of my time, commissions may take a little longer than expected, but patience will be rewarded with a dashing smile and a bearded symbolic embrace. ;D

6. Finally, my last condition is that as the artist, I have the right to decline a commission requested of me whenever I choose, but do not that discourage you. It is just a right I feel needs to be addressed before accepting commissions. 

My prices are cheap(ish) because of my time restrictions, and I greatly appreciated the patience and love of my followers and friends. If you desire a drawing by TheDaucta, feel more than free to ask!

Payment options are strictly through Paypal atm:

Sketches of higher priced commissions will be sent as progression unfolds. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the picture based on the sketch provided, you are more than free to cancel the order and you will be granted a refund in full, HOWEVER if the sketch is accepted by a customer, I will proceed to finish the commission in full to the best of my ability and a refund will no longer be possible. 

Happy bargaining ;)


United States
Hello, everyone. I've been sneaking about deviant art for a couple years now, and i believe now is a better time than any to show some of my old artwork and new ones to come :). So this is my account!

I primarily do my work in pencil and sometimes use lame pen-brush techniques :D. Cartoons are my bomb diggity and right now i got a big headache so this description probably sounds really stupid. ^_^
Feel free to comment or ask me about anything.

Current Residence: Shaggy Heaven
Favourite genre of music: Ska/Rock
Favourite photographer: Urgh...
Favourite style of art: Cartoons of all kinds :D
Skin of choice: Dark Green
Favourite cartoon character: My characters :)
Personal Quote: Everyone needs something to believe in.
Been playing league of legends lately and working on recording for youtube vids. Check them out at

if you'd like to play, feel free to send a friend request, whether if it's for recording purposes or for collabs or even just to have fun, i'd be down for it. I'm Silver IV so i'm not the best, but i always find ways to have fun :P

League name is: TheDaucta (NA server)

Peace, and to our enemies: Rest. in. Pepperonis.


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:icongrin--plz: Can't wait to see more from ya.
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